Blue Origin Shares Video of New Glenn Rocket

Posted March 09, 2017

If a steady cycle of intact rockets can cut costs enough to send plenty of wannabe astronauts to the stars, Bezos thinks his advancements will be a boon to the entire industry - including blazing the trail for his commercial efforts with New Glenn.

Although it is now the only space company to show off its' newest heavy-lift booster technology, it is known that both SpaceX and NASA are also working on their own respective designs. Eutelsat rented space on an Israeli satellite attached to the Falcon 9 rocket that exploded in September.

This is the figure for geostationary orbit. It's also planning a 100,000-square-foot manufacturing complex on Florida's Space Coast - not far from where Blue Origin is building a 750,000-square-foot factory for New Glenn rockets. But how else would you land a rocket on a floating platform?

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos is aiming to capitalise on US President Trump's space travel aims by shipping packages to the moon, according to The Washington Post. Blue Origin has a long-term vision of greatly increasing the number of people that fly into space so that we humans can better continue exploring the solar system. Eutelsat is taking a chance flying on an unproven rocket, but hopes to help enable cheaper launches in the future. From the outset, the rocket was meant to be reusable, and Bezos said during his presentation that it is being created to fly as many as 100 times. "Their solid engineering approach. corresponds to what we expect from our industrial partners".

"Blue Origin has been forthcoming with Eutelsat on its strategy and convinced us they have the right mindset to compete in the launch service industry", he said in the news release.

Bezos was pumped to have one of the leading satellite operators signed on as a customer. Bezos wants to fly the rocket before the end of the decade.

While the New Glenn is still under construction, Bezos said the massive rockets will be between 270 to 313 feet tall, and will require seven BE-4 engines for the first stage of lift-off, and one more for the second stage.

The rocket's reusable first-stage booster features strakes at its base and movable fins higher up to control its flight down from space to landings on a ship in the ocean, even through strong winds. From the profits coming in from the sale of these engines, Blue Origin will start plans for its Vulcan rocket.

On March 6, Bezos-the CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin-tweeted a picture of the BE-4 rocket engine, which has been in development for more than four years and is expected to be ready for takeoff by 2019. A very large facility will also get built to house the New Glenn rocket.