Mass Effect Andromeda: 12 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

Posted March 21, 2017

There's been no Mass Effect Andromeda news today, so as we were lucky enough to be sent the super special, mega-pricey Collector's Edition Nomad ND1 - the game's new and improved all-terrain Mako - we thought we'd unbox it for ya. BioWare has released similar notes for previous games in the Mass Effect series and it's a trend that has been picked up by other major game releases, such as the Fallout 4 sick note that also aimed to give fans the day off.

Andromeda looks unbelievable on PC, and runs mostly fine, PC players known how valuable it is to run the game at the best performance possible. Yes, that means if you live in another time zone, you'll probably be able to start playing Mass Effect Andromeda before midnight. The poor graphics will just prevent the players from getting a full-blown experience in the Mass Effect Universe. This can be seen in the video of a Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough on a regular PS4 without day one patch.

For those who had high hopes for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is the first game in the franchise made specifically for current-generation consoles, this is massively disappointing.

You can check out the new images for yourself below. One lucky victor will receive a code for the latest Mass Effect game on the platform of their choice - either PS4, Xbox One, or PC.