Mindy Kaling disses Cory Booker, gets dinner date

Posted March 26, 2017

The conversation between the two began after Booker commented on a "diss" he received courtesy of Kaling's Hulu show The Mindy Project.

Mindy Kaling and New Jersey Senator Cory Booker flirted hard on Twitter Friday and their tentative date left a lot of social media users panting for even more of the actress and the senator's coy behavior. Booker tweeted "ouch" at Kaling and said he disagrees with her take on Newark but loves her work anyway.

Kaling responded with a yes, and told him she'll check the schedule of PATH - the rail line that runs between NY and New Jersey. And if the (love) is really mutual, come have dinner with me in Newark? I can't believe he came...

Cory then tweeted, "You are making my day!"

Kaling tweeted back it's an honor to get dissed by her character, and she's a fan of his too.

On Twitter, Booker then pointed to a Vogue article from February highlighting Newark's rebirth thanks to new fusion restaurants - like Halsey Street's Burger Walla, praised as offering "a fusion of American comfort food with an Indian twist" - and asked Kaling to dinner.

Booker, however, ever the gentleman, told Kaling that he would send her a vehicle.