Spicer Says No More Departures to Follow Deputy Chief of Staff's Exit

Posted March 31, 2017

A top White House aide is leaving her post as deputy chief of staff in what was being called the first major shakeup of the Trump administration, according to a report.

On Wednesday, in a sign of fresh urgency from Trump's allies, another pro-Trump nonprofit, Making America Great, sprang to life to help Trump - just days after the defeat of the Republican plan to repeal and replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

Asked Thursday if the White House expects further staff shakeups, press secretary Sean Spicer had a one-word answer: 'No'.

Walsh's departure comes as the Trump adminstration is mired in controversy over ties to Russian Federation and after the failure of Trump's first major legislative action, despite Republican control of both houses of Congress and the White House.

Her departure comes on the day the Trump administration is reeling from the most explosive leak yet, a report that two White House officials played a role in showing House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes intelligence reports tying the Obama administration to surveillance of his successor past year.

Priebus and other White House officials stressed that Walsh was the one who chose to leave the administration. Politico's source for the story was quoted as saying that, "You've got to have somebody from the inside who has the blessing of the man himself" for a move like this.

Two senior White House officials said today that Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh is leaving her job. She and her billionaire father, Bob Mercer, were among the first deep-pocketed Republicans to back Trump's White House bid and have close ties to top White House aide Stephen Bannon.