Orange You Glad About Selena Gomez's '13 Reasons Why' Premiere Dress?

Posted April 01, 2017

But 13 Reasons Why, the new Netflix drama based on Jay Asher's "young adult" best-seller is a smart and intriguing slice of teen life.

Speaking to The Straits Times and other press in NY earlier this year, she adds: "I think the parents are going to have the hardest time watching this because they don't want to see their kid being that bully or see them miss signs of the loss of Hannah". The tapes also come with a map that takes Clay to some of the locations in Hannah's chronicle, which includes both the smaller slights directed at her and weightier stories of slut-shaming and assault.

"13 Reasons Why 'stars Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen from 'Goosebumps" fame, Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker, Kate Walsh as Mrs. Baker (Private Practice), Brian D'Arcy James as Mr. Baker (Smash), Derek Luke as Mr.

On Friday, Netflix will release the first season of its latest series, "13 Reasons Why". She said her attachment for the project causes her to be a little defensive about the decision making process. Before she killed herself, she recorded a long narrative explaining why she did it, and she set up a system so that the cassettes would be privately circulated one-by-one among the 13. Although plenty of scenes were painful to watch, I commend the showrunners for not shying away from the ugly realities of the issues addressed in the show.

Selena adds, "So I think the message and people, no matter what age you are, can relate to the story".

On one hand, the depiction of Hannah's suicide was consistent with the series' unflinching depiction of other traumas, but it was also an active choice from the show's writers.

Though we're sad that the singer went through such a tough time, it's definitely inspiring to see that she's channelling her experiences to make such a powerful series. 13 Reasons Why will be surrounded by a veil of mystery and promises to be rich in emotions. Gomez has called the show "an authentic story" and hopes the series "can enlighten people to what words mean when you say them".