You can play 'Ms. Pac Man' on Google Maps

Posted April 01, 2017

You can now play the classic game Ms. Pac-Man on your neighborhood streets using the Google Maps phone app. If you don't already have Google Maps installed on your smartphone, you're going to want to do that today.

In honor of April Fool's Day tomorrow, Google has rolled out a temporary new version of its Google Maps application for iOS and Android.

To play Ms Pac-Man in your browser, simply navigate to to Let's hope Ms. Pac-Man can hang out a little longer. And now, they've gone back to the retro gaming well, although this time you can actually play! Pac-Man Mania first started with the release of the original Pac-Man way back in 1980 and with it being nearly an instant hit, it wasn't long before Ms. Pac-Man was released in 1981. Unlike both of its Maps celebrations, the Doodle allowed simultaneous multiplayer, with Player One controlling Pac with the arrow keys on the keyboard, and Player Two controlling Ms. Pac with WASD. To toggle the game, just look for the "Insert Coin" icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, and whatever part of the world you're looking at will be instantly transformed.

The game features the red-bow, lipstick-wearing version of Pac-Man, chased by four ghosts as she gobbles up pellets.

Then, as now, Google rolled out the special Maps mode on the 35th anniversary of its arcade cabinet inspiration.