Trump says 'we must fight' Freedom Caucus, Democrats

Posted April 02, 2017

Trump tweeted that the caucus will hurt the Republican agenda if they don't get on the team fast, and added, "We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!"

It did not change hearts or minds.

SHAPIRO: Is the Freedom Caucus feeling much pressure? "Remember who your real friends are".

The idea that Trump could turn away from his own party at this stage is, to a degree, theater created to spook the far-right of the party into line.

"It's clear that tensions are running high", said Sen.

When Trump re-posted his tweet on Facebook for added emphasis, the top-rated comments echoed the sentiments of the liberty-minded Representatives.

Despite the bill's failure, and signals that the White House wants to move on to other issues, Freedom Caucus members insist they want to work with Trump to craft a bill Republicans can unite around.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said he understood Trump's frustration.

SHAPIRO: There is another option here, which is that President Trump could try to work with Democrats.

Ryan was more conciliatory toward the president than Labrador.

"We're not fighting the president", Yoho told MSNBC.

The group of roughly 36 hardline conservatives was at the leading edge of Republican opposition during the Obama years. He also backed the caucus on Twitter as well.

Deepening a fissure that destroyed his first major effort to pass a law, Trump took aim at members of the so-called "Freedom Caucus", branding them as a foe in the same vein as Democrats. With relatively slim majorities in both chambers, Republicans need a unified body to pass legislation - and to keep the government from shutting down. He says it was their first crack at governing with Republicans controlling all the levers of power in Washington.

Fitton, the participants said, told Teller that Trump needed to be committed to a policy of extreme transparency about contacts between Russian government officials and Trump associates during the 2016 campaign, including Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, and Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law. But Himes hasn't heard from the president. "We're totally willing to engage in that, provided that it's consistent with our values".

As Trump fought with House Republicans and House Republicans fought with each other, Senate Republicans expressed alarm and urged efforts at consensus.

Since joining Congress in 2011, Amash has staked out the kind of independent role that Trump campaigned on in MI and elsewhere, refusing to go along with party leaders on numerous occasions - and siding with Democrats when it made sense to him, for instance on issues of government surveillance - and maintaining what has been a consistent stance on what government's responsibilities should be.

Seeking to head off another shutdown fight, GOP leaders and the appropriations committees are working behind the scenes on a bill to enact the remaining 11 spending bills at previously agreed to spending levels that conservatives opposed in the past.

The key complications are Trump's requests for $30 billion for an immediate infusion of cash for the Pentagon and $3 billion for additional security measures on the U.S. -Mexico border, including $1 billion to build fencing and a levee wall along 60 miles or so (about 100 kilometers) in Texas and near San Diego.

Ryan said he wasn't sure if Nunes ever had the documents he announced in a press conference after secretly obtaining them from an unidentified source at a clandestine meeting on the White House grounds. The end result is a less conservative vision of how Congress should spend the nation's money. Nunes also criticized Amash for not supporting a California water bill he wanted; Amash explained that he did so because the Constitution didn't allow Congress to set water policy for the states, even policy that Republicans wanted.