WrestleMania 33 results: Hardy Boys return, win RAW Tag Team titles

Posted April 04, 2017

After the match ended, and the Hardy Boyz added the WWE tag team titles to their growing collection, the brothers spoke to WWE.com about making this surprise return. It is unlikely that the WWE will want them to use the Broken Matt gimmick unless a deal has already been worked out to block out Impact Wrestling.

It was then that the brothers snuck off and made their way to the building for their long-awaited return to WWE.

Matt and Jeff Hardy became the talk of the wrestling world in 2016, reinventing their careers with the "Broken" characters. But before the match started, The New Day (the WrestleMania hosts) declared it's now a four-way with a new team joining. When their classic WWE entrance music hit, the stadium erupted with one of the loudest reactions of the night, including loud, sustained "delete" chants. That's an interesting choice of language especially if Matt and Jeff are no longer broken in WWE.

In their first match back in seven years, the Hardy Boyz were able to capture the belts from atop the ladder. He didn't see almost the level of reinvention that Matt did when he adopted the Broken gimmick. After the match, Matt and Jeff Hardy "put over" Matt and Nick Jackson as the future of the tag team wrestling and claimed that it was time for the Hardys to fade away. He spent a few more years with the WWE, having a great Intercontinental Championship run, but he once again left in 2009. They're innovators in the style and are two of the best to ever do it.