Two black women sue Fox News executive, network for racial harassment

Posted April 05, 2017

Two black women filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against Fox News for racial discrimination they experienced while working at the news network, the New York Times reports.

The women - Tichaona Brown, a payroll manager, and Tabrese Wright, a payroll coordinator - accused Ms. Slater of making numerous racially charged comments, including suggestions that black men were "women beaters" and that black people wanted to physically harm white people. The lawsuit also claims Slater asked Wright if all of her children were "fathered by the same man", and that Slater made disparaging remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement and about Wright's hair and credit score.

Putting on a stereotyped accent, Slater mocked black employees by pronouncing words such as "mother", "father", "month" and "ask" as "muva", "fava", "monf", and "axe", according to the complaint.

The complaint accuses Fox of only firing the executive to avoid a PR scandal, "To be clear, Ms. Slater was not terminated because she engaged in discriminatory conduct - Fox was willing to let her get away with that for years".

Fox News is struggling.

The network said it was disappointed at the "needless litigation".

"We are confident that the good men and women of the Bronx will hold Fox accountable for what we believe to be its abhorrent racist conduct, reminiscent of the Jim Crow era", Wigdor and Christensen said in a statement. The company added that Slater was sacked on February 28, immediately after allegations were made. Carlson's allegations led to the resignation of network chief Roger Ailes, who abruptly ended his 20-year rein over the profitable and powerful cable news channel.

Wright said Fox has acknowledged that it demoted her for suing, by stating: "This lateral transfer is occurring so that she no longer has access to Fox News confidential information that she could use in her lawsuit".

It alleges that over her almost two decades with the company, Slater consistently made racially charged comments in front of other employees. Fox reportedly told the Times that both women are still employed at the company. Wright claims that she was demoted on Monday, and Brown says she was sacked that same day.

The lawsuit also includes the names of four other black employees, who it says were also subject to the discrimination under Slater, and either left or were forced out of the company.