Florida House tears down the Senate's gambling bill as negotiations begin

Posted April 07, 2017

Uber gave a thumbs-up to a bill that passed the Florida House 115-0 Wednesday to set statewide rules for ride-sharing services, leaving approval by the Senate the next step after two years of deadlock amid concerns from taxis and local governments who would lose regulatory authority.

Recess, once a school staple, faded from many Florida schools in the last decade, elbowed out by tougher academic demands. The Senate never took the bill up for a vote previous year.

This contentious issue has been disputed between the Seminoles and the state since 2015.

Hialeah Republican Bryan Avila is keeping hope alive that a bill to allow retailers to sell hard liquor in the same store as other goods will garner enough votes for passage.

For instance, the House bill bans gambling facilities around Florida from adding slot machines.

The Senate's version of a gambling bill, on the other hand, wants to expand gambling in the state by allowing slot machines at dog and horse tracks.

Rep. Mike La Rosa, R-St. Elections and retirements have changed the makeup - and the leadership - in both chambers, however.

SB 436, expanding student rights to religious expression in public schools, passed the House 114-3 on Wednesday. Since that time, the leadership of the Senate changed and a number of House members who back the app-based services won election to the Senate. "We look forward to working with the Florida Senate to advance this legislation to the Governor's desk for his signature".

Legislators have a month left to reach an agreement, giving the impression that both chambers will have to negotiate a compromise during the session's final weeks. The Seminole Tribe will also be allowed to offer craps and roulette at its casinos. The House bill wants the increased revenue stream but does not want to grant the tribe the ability to offer these now restricted games.