Russia Sends Warships Toward US Navy after Syria Bombing

Posted April 08, 2017

The Admiral Grigorovich frigate was involved in joint naval drills conducted Wednesday between Russian Federation and Turkey. "There is no threat to the U.S. from that Russian ship".

According to the report, the Russian ship came from the Black Sea and went through the Bosphorus Strait to reach the Mediterranean.

Following the United States airstrikes on Syrian air bases, Fox News is reporting that a Russian military ship is headed in the direction of the U.S. destroyers which launched the previous night's attacks.

Russia, which angrily claimed that the Thursday night attacks were a violation of global law, is Assad's strongest ally and has long kept a naval port in Tartus.

Fox News is now reporting a Russian warship is heading toward the two U.S. Navy destroyers parked in the Eastern Mediterranean that launched an airstrike on a Syrian airbase late Thursday night.

Its exact location as of Friday afternoon was not immediately known.

Russian Federation is deploying a missile-armed frigate to the Mediterranean Sea, where two USA destroyers fired missiles targeting a Syrian airbase Thursday night.

The presence of Russian and American troops in close proximity is nothing new in the long-running Syrian civil war.

A day after President Donald Trump ordered the launch of 59 tomahawk missiles into Syria Russia is responding.

Trump on Thursday ordered the US military to strike airfields near the chemical weapons storage facility at Shayrat Airbase in response to one of the deadliest attacks in the country's 6-year civil war.