Dancing with the Stars Week 4: Who went home and full scores

Posted April 12, 2017

It's Week 4 on Dancing with the Stars, and Mr. T is still in it after Chris Kattan and Charo have been eliminated. His contemporary dance to "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry wowed the judges. Watch her emotional moment in the video above. It's a time for the stars to tell us their story, pro partners to awkwardly sit next to crying adults, and also, there's a lot of tender face touching. "Whenever we had visits with my grandpa I was so excited", she remembered. I said, 'You're not going to steal my heart, ' " he joked. Heather Morris: 35 out of 40 Heather's choice for most memorable year was 2015, the year she married the love of her life. But one broadcast network practically took viewers to "church" with emotional performances to two popular Christian songs.

Biles, who's been open about her experience with the foster care system throughout her journey to 2016 Summer Olympics, broke down in tears in a pre-show clip ahead of her performance on Monday night.

"My dad was closed off when I was younger". I have the rest of my life to live and be with them.

The duo earned a standing ovation from the audience as they departed. Julianne called her a powerhouse; Bruno was a little more down and dirty and gave her the title rumba dominatrix. "It just made me want to be there for him even more".

On Dancing With the Stars, two-time Olympic medalist Nancy Kerrigan revealed that she had six miscarriages over the course of 8 years. Nancy and her husband were able to conceive via in-vitro and they added two more children to their family.

It's a good thing that they changed their minds, as fans and players alike went bonkers when Ross' performance was shown. Bruno best explained the performance as a work of art in which you could watch the artists paint the most handsome picture using only the expression of their bodies. "You've got grace, charimatic personality, and my eyes are drawn to you".

Kerrigan has done commentary for televised figure skating competitions and occasionally works as a skate instructor, but "my job is being with my kids after school and asking them how their day was", she says.

Jennings' emotionally raw routine ended with him running to the edge of the dance floor to embrace his parents.