Man jumps into icy pond to save his dog

Posted April 13, 2017

A daring rescue was caught on camera as a man in Canada plunged into freezing water to save his dog.

All this happened at the dog park in St. Albert, where a CTV crew that was doing a story on the dangers of thin ice got a firsthand look.

Good samaritans try to help great white shark in Santa CruzThey both made it out safely but were soaked and shivering.

The dog's owner, Duncan Mciver saw his pup slip under the ice and didn't hesitate to save him. There has been an increase of ice rescue calls this week, including three on Thursday, officials told the TV station. "It's a split second thing, you're not going to just let him die, right?"

"I just know he's not a good swimmer, so I had to dive in right away", he said, adding he had no regrets.

After his stint in the frozen lake Mr McIver warned others never to dive into icy waters, but said he didn't regret his decision.

Earlier this month, firefighters rescued a youth who wandered onto thin ice in Ted Hole Park.