Swim in the sky with this glass-bottom Texas pool

Posted April 13, 2017

A video of a pool, hanging 500 feet above the ground in Houston has gone viral, making viewers feel incredible queasy.

Thrill-seekers looking to take a dip will need to make a commitment first.

The apartment complex posted a video of what it looks like to walk in the glass-bottom portion of the pool to Facebook.

A luxury apartment high rise in Houston is trying to one-up the Skydeck with what they are calling the Market Square Tower Sky Pool.

But the rooftop "sky pool", located on the building's 40th floor, stands out as the signature element.

Despite seeming like you might be standing on nothing at all, there's an eight-inch thick plexiglass panel between your feet and the huge drop.

"This Sky Pool is extremely terrifying and I want to swim in it very badly", said writer Laura Beck.

The 463-unit tower opened past year, with monthly rent prices ranging from $1,805 (£1,460) for a 564-square foot studio to $18,715 (£15,120) for a penthouse measuring almost 3,000 square feet.