Miller: Jackie Robinson a golden Dodger now forever bronzed

Posted April 16, 2017

On that day, Robinson became the first African-American player to play Major League Baseball.

Two years ago on Jackie Robinson Day, owner and chairman Mark Walter suggested a sculpture belonged at Dodger Stadium of the six-time All-Star second baseman who starred when the team was in Brooklyn.

"I have often stated that baseball's proudest moment and its most powerful social statement came on April 15, 1947 when Jackie Robinson first set foot on a Major League Baseball field", said former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig upon establishing the tradition. Many historians believe Robinson's breakthrough was an early step that eventually led to other civil rights breakthroughs. For this special occasion, all players and on-field personnel across the league will don No. 42 jerseys in honor of Robinson, as they have every April 15 since 2009. The team will unveil his likeness during Jackie Robinson Day festivit.

A statue showing Jackie Robinson stealing home is installed near the reserve level entrances at Dodger Stadium. "Here it is, 70 years later and he's still being recognized".

On the back reads Robinson's No. 42. He won the World Series with the Dodgers in 1955.

The end product is the result of the artist and the Robinsons working with the very unity Jackie embodied.

Needless to say, Robinson's legacy on Saturday was getting its proper respect all around baseball.

Campanis and Jackie Robinson were close friends until Robinson's death from a heart attack in 1972, their friendship dating to their days as Dodgers minor leaguers in Montreal in 1946.

"Just meeting the family was a great honor", Cadet said.

Rachel Robinson, Jackie's widow and wife of 26 years, is said to be making the trek for the statue's reveal.

Despite the inauspicious debut, Robinson would play in 151 games.