New York Knicks Not Bringing Back Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose

Posted April 16, 2017

Jackson, meeting with the media two days after the Knicks completed their fourth consecutive losing season, also said the team will continue to explore trade options for the 10-time All-Star.

NY went 31-51, falling well short of expectations with its third consecutive 50-loss season.

He then, sort of bewilderingly, said that he didn't think this would affect the Knicks' free agency, because really he seems to think that other National Basketball Association players and their agents aren't completely alarmed by how he's treated Anthony or that time he put down LeBron James' business associates or all of those times he's tried to say the Triangle Offense will save us all. Jackson looked into trading Carmelo Anthony before the trade deadline and said on Friday that Anthony would be "better off somewhere else" to pursue a championship.

According to ESPN's Ian Begley, Anthony prefers to remain in NY, but wants a commitment from management to winning immediately.

In a report by ESPN, it was revealed that the ones who have knowledge of what is happening between Anthony and the Knicks, believe the former will nullify the no-trade clause in his contract. NY has missed the playoffs for four straight seasons and has lost at least 50 games in the past three, all under Jackson.

But the biggest one involves Anthony, who wouldn't be easy to trade at his age and salary, and then would have to agree to any deal Jackson found.

The good news for Knicks fans is that regardless of what happens with Anthony, Porzingis can't choose to leave anytime soon.

The best compliment he could muster for Anthony was, "He held it together pretty well with all the drama". The Knicks' starting point guard, whom they used at point guard this season-he finished second on the team in total assists to Brandon Jennings despite playing 600 more minutes-isn't strong at the "point guard" stuff. Once this materializes, Jackson just needs to find a business partner willing to accept Anthony.

"He's carried the basic load for this team. You don't want to end your career not winning, this is not something you want to have labeled on your career", Jackson said.

The basis for the Knicks moving Anthony appears to be that he no longer fits Jackson's vision for the organization. Convincing Anthony to come back, even for the most money, is a monumental achievement by comparison.

It was Jackson of course who put that unproven coach in place, who insisted on a system that was unfamiliar to the players and most felt was antiquated.