Mark Hamill: Carrie Fisher Star Wars Tribute is 'Therapy'

Posted April 17, 2017

The official trailer for the latest installment of the 'Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown - The End of The Jedi'released. But this has been one of the teasers fans of Star Wars have been waiting to see ever since the complete production of the movie began. She made every celebration so much fun.

The Last Jedi, which will open in cinemas in December, will also see Kylo Ren star Adam Driver return.

The first fully-formed trailer for "The Last Jedi" had nearly half a million views and more than 13,000 comments on YouTube within 90 minutes of being posted, with #TheLastJedi quickly becoming the top trending hashtag worldwide on Twitter.

We reckon he WILL be training Rey in the film, but whether he is training her to be a Jedi is another matter. We as fans can't really handle anything happening to her since the wounds from Carrie's death are still fresh. "You're what, 5'2"? I'll never get in!' She said, 'Just try.' I put on that Princess Leia zipper jump suit and it was so tight I looked like a Vegas lounge singer. We have to get that into the movie.

Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker, who played a smaller role in the last episode, plays a significant part in this trailer.

Fisher's brother, Todd, had said earlier in the week that he'd agreed to let LucasFilms use his sister's likeness in Chapter 9, the film that follows "Last Jedi". It's different.' So I think with Rian's vision and his image, and also I think he had J.J., who you know brought all the old fans back and the new fans in and he had all this stuff.

"Sadly, Carrie will not be in Nine".

"Part of me did fall in love with her". In The Last Jedi, it's a test for all the characters, but specially for Finn.

Franchise creator George Lucas and producer Kathleen Kennedy introduced Billie to the stage, before the actress delivered a heartfelt speech in memory of her mother, who she starred alongside in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Carrie will not be recreated digitally for the movie, meaning Leia will feature in the Star Wars movies for the final time in The Last Jedi.