Video shows police officer kicking handcuffed man in the head

Posted April 17, 2017

A Gwinnett County police officer has been fired less than 24 hours after he was captured on video stomping a handcuffed man in the head.

The Gwinett County Police department has terminated two police officers after they were caught on video punching and kicking an unarmed motorist.

Last Wednesday, Sargent Michael Bongiovanni had pulled a motorist, Demetrius Hollins, to the side in what is considered a routine stop, said the police Chief Butch Ayers.

Witnesses say they were stunned after watching a police officer punch and kick a man in broad daylight during a traffic stop. A video filmed by a witness inside the vehicle behind the encounter shows Bongiovanni punching Hollins as he tries to stand with his hands up after getting out of the auto, police confirmed.

Gwinnett County police fired Mcdonald the next day.

He has been fired and is facing criminal charges.

"When police officers betray the public's trust and confidence, justice demands that all those cases that depend on their credibility be dismissed without delay", said a statement from Szabo's office.

Bongiovanni's account of the Wednesday traffic stop is very similar to another incident report he filed in August after he pulled over the same man, Demetrius Bryan Hollins, and McDonald responded to his call for backup.

The two officers are white and Hollins appears to be black, police Cpl.

After he took Hollins to jail, Bongiovanni told a supervisor that McDonald had kicked the suspect in the head. Hollins put his hands up at first, but then refused to place them behind his back when the officer got out his handcuffs, the report says.

Gwinnett County authorities terminated McDonald Thursday afternoon for his actions.

Ayers said he felt "mad" and "upset" when he saw the video, adding that the man was "clearly not resisting" and the video "speaks for itself". There was no mention in the report of Bongiovanni hitting Hollins.

Gwinnett County police said in an emailed statement Thursday evening that Sgt. Michael Bongiovanni was sacked after new video appeared. Hollins was unable to record the incident, but separate videos of McDonald and then Bongiovanni emerged on Thursday.

Hollins was treated on the scene for his injuries and arrested on charges of marijuana possession, obstructing law enforcement, operating a vehicle without a license, and knowingly driving with a suspended registration.

He said McDonald apologized for what occurred and for embarrassing the department. Hollins was handcuffed and prone at the time.

Bongiovanni struggles briefly with a screaming Hollins before bringing him under control.

A booking photo of Hollins show his nose and lip bloodied from the encounter.