Instagram now has partial offline support on Android

Posted April 20, 2017

Offline mode could be a big boost for time spent in the Instagram app especially for users in emerging markets with spotty internet access. As described by Instagram engineer Hendri, users will be able to see view the feed that was previously loaded when they were connected to the internet.

Instagram's decision to launch the offline feature first on Android makes sense given the fact that it is the preferred device type in the developing world. As soon as your phone connects back to the internet, anything you've created, commented on, liked or saved, while offline will be instantly sent to Instagram's servers and uploaded or carried out. They can also leave comments, save and like posts, and unfollow others.

With the increase in the number of monthly active users, Instagram seems to have made a decision to follow the footprints of the Facebook app. This includes profiles that were visited and old versions of the Explore tab.

Facebook-owned Instagram has every reason to be proud of its recent achievement.

While Twitter, Facebook serves it's own objective, Instagram works on its own to a specific set of audience. Instagram could have drawn inspiration from Facebook lite that had around 200 million users after a year of rolling out.

In March, Instagram announced that it had reached one million business sponsors monthly across its app-a figure that represents a 400-percent increase from 2016. Instagram said that it's going to improve its advertising services to help businesses in converting sales.

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