United Airlines to refund fares to all Flight 3411 passengers

Posted April 20, 2017

Dr. David Dao was dragged off a flight from Chicago to Louisville on Sunday, after the crew tried to find four passengers willing to give up their seats to allow four United employees to get on the flight.

"They want to kick off people who never fly United, and make sure they don't kick off the customers they care about", he said. He promised that the incident would "never happen again on a United Airlines flight". "We can't do that".

Beset with a continuing public relations nightmare, United Airlines has confirmed that it is compensating all passengers on now-infamous Flight 3411.

United Airlines spokeswoman Megan McCarthy said the passengers can take the compensation in cash, travel credits or miles.

The treatment of the passenger dragged off an overbooked United Express flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport has prompted outrage and scorn on social media.

The Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings said in a statement Tuesday that it had begun reviewing what happened on the flight.

Alderman Mike Zalewski said he did not know who will represent the airline before the Aviation Committee, but Munoz has been notified of the hearing scheduled for Thursday.

The video also underscores a growing dilemma: From airlines to schools, police are called to deal with situations that in the past might have been handled without them, sometimes leading officers to respond with force far beyond the provocation.

Munoz faced heavy criticism for a statement he released Monday following the video's nationwide takeoff. He described the man as "disruptive and belligerent".

Munoz apologized on Tuesday, calling the episode "truly horrific", and pledged a full review by April 30. That man later said he quit his job because Dao "pursued him aggressively" and arranged to provide him with prescription drugs in exchange for sex.

How many times in the past year has United Airlines removed a passenger that has already boarded a plane due to overbooking or other reasons outside the customer's control?

The Chicago Department of Aviation swiftly put the officer who removed Dao on leave, saying he had violated standard procedures and that the agency would not "tolerate that kind of action".

Like Dr. Dao, Fearns refused to get up. Crew members asked an older man to leave, but he refused. "I was not concerned for my safety, nor that of my toddler's or for my pregnancy, until the police were called aboard our plane to remove him".

Fearns told CBS Los Angeles that it was just days after his own negative experience that he and his wife saw the videos of Dao being ejected from his flight.

Other passengers on Flight 3411 are heard saying, "Please, my God", "What are you doing?"

It's an often-overlooked policy to which you agree when you book your tickets.