What you need to know about joining the March for Science

Posted April 22, 2017

The March for Science, on the other hand, was organized post-inauguration, largely as a reaction to concerns about the Trump administration's treatment of scientific research and science-related issues, including the issue of climate change.

The ASA is a partner of Washington's March for Science, and Lamont said she reached out to all the heads of university sociology departments around the county, urging them to participate. We are fighting for our future and the future of our planet here.

Many believe the Trump administration poses a direct threat to scientific research, slashing the EPA budget, cutting funding to educational programs, and hiring climate change deniers in high-level positions.

Geology professor and AAAS Science award-winner Anne Egger is an invited speaker at Seattle's March for Science on Earth Day, April 22.

"I feel this keeps me sane", said Susie Sinclair-Smith, a Maryland resident who attended the Women's March and Tax March and plans to attend the rally this weekend.

Michael Monn GS, who studies in the School of Engineering, is helping to organize a group of students who will attend the march in Boston. "We don't want it to happen again".

"There's a perception from a lot of Christians that scientists are all atheists", said Seth Axen, a PhD candidate in biostatistics, who numbers among an often-overlooked crowd of pro-science Christians.

Christopher Kahler, professor of behavioral and social sciences, said that the objective of this march is to advocate for policies in government and funding that would benefit science and to show the value of science to society as a whole.

And March for Science Merced will run from 10 to noon, beginning at Court House Square Park, West 21st Street between M and O streets. "The funding for scientific research is under attack at this point, and people who do recognize that value are taking the opportunity to speak out about it".

One such group is the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), which will capitalise on the gathering to train scientists and science supporters to be more politically active.

"Our basic take is that it is not really a march for science, it's a march for certain ideological issues that they are using science to support", said Stephen Meyer, executive director of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science Culture.

More than 2 million of the 12 million scientists in the United States identify as evangelical, according to research by Rice University sociologist Elaine Howard Ecklund. "We can't expect any other sector of society to stand up for science if we as scientists fail to do so".

More than 800 organizations have endorsed this year's March for Climate, Jobs, and Justice, and organizers hope to bring out hundreds of thousands of people to the march in DC and sister marches across the country.

That's how we patriotic, unbound-by-science, straight-talking, believe-what-we-want-to-believe-because-it-makes-life-more-convenient Americans can fend off the scientific uprising. These promises based on false facts lead to policies based on false science that become detrimental to the long-term vitality of our country. Democratic thing. Marching for Science on Earth Day is not a partisan activity, nor is advocacy for evidence-based decision-making in government policy.

The agencies permit for the Earth Day and The March for Science show that the event's organizers are expecting more than 50,000 activists to attend. "Nothing in science is achieved in isolation, it's one of the truly remarkable human endeavours that knows no borders; it is the pooled knowledge of us, as humans".

Barford will be a part of the local demonstration, which will include booths on various scientific topics and short lectures from students and researchers. "This moment is bigger than the scientific community". As soon as organizers launched the website for the march, people began criticizing its diversity and inclusion policy, arguing that it didn't address common inequalities in science, like race and gender.