GTA 6 To Snub Project Scorpio For Sony PS5?

Posted April 28, 2017

The first shows a scientist in a steampunk lab.

Unfortunately, the pictures only represent tech demos, and aren't indicative of what's now being developed in-house by Microsoft or by any other developers who have been given access to Project Scorpio.

The differences between some of the following images will be a bit hard to discern if you're viewing them from a conventional HD display but we assume that they will be distinctly noticeable when the Scorpio goes into action on the consumer market among gamers running the console through their native HDR 4K TVs or running older games on the device to their 1080p TVs. Below we have the first side-by-side with Xbox One at 1080p on the left, and Project Scorpio in 4K resolution on the right. It's still nice to know that Xbox One games running on Project Scorpio will still run better on 1080p displays, but you will clearly not have the best gaming experience possible.

The 2017 Xbox Project Scorpio features new 8 custom x86 cores and it is an equitable 31-percent increase in speed over Microsoft's current Xbox One hardware. After that, the team started working on Xbox One Project Scorpio prototypes. Project Scorpio is fairly priced, based on what the consumers have been shown so far, but with the lack of exclusives compared to PlayStation 4's steadily increasing and an already good library of exclusive games.

This is the position I find myself with my Xbox One S. Furthermore, the following still shots only work to show resolution differences between graphics running on 1080p displays and 4K displays with the Scorpio and the Xbox One. It's a shame this is just a tech demo and not a real game.

Xbox Scorpio could have a huge problem when the holiday 2017 release date rolls around.

We're just a few more days before finally seeing Microsoft's Project Scorpio official name, price, and kind of power it will be bringing to the table.

We expect devs to do some unbelievable things with Microsoft's new 4K Xbox, and Microsoft will no-doubt showcase some impressive surprises at E3 2017. It is for this reason he also mentions third-party titles, promising that they will play best on the new console.