Hot Switch sales boost Nintendo sales, trim quarterly loss

Posted April 28, 2017

As a result, sales for Nintendo Switch and all other future consoles will likely remain strongest at their initial launch before tapering off, whereas pre-smartphone consoles could rely on latecomer casual gamers to sustain sales years after their first release. Time reports Nintendo sold 2.74 million Switches in March after launching March 3. That's 390,000 copies of Breath of the Wild Switch for Japan (120,000 copies for the Wii U version), and 2.37 Switch copies overseas (960,000 Wii U copies).

Nintendo has reported its profit report for the last quarter of 2016 financial year, which are especially applicable to the recent reports as they contain the sales information of the new Switch console.

The Nintendo Switch has been selling well since it launched on March 3, and Nintendo has now announced the latest numbers through the end of its fiscal year.

TOKYO (AP) - Nintendo Co.'s Switch, a new hybrid game machine that works as both a console and a tablet, is selling well, helping the Kyoto-based company behind the Super Mario and Pokemon franchises trim its quarterly losses.

Nintendo's forecast continues to maintain a positive perspective, in marked contrast to its previous home console, the Wii U. The company's stock price has risen 9.4% since news of its sales record broke. They managed to flog 9.1 million more amiibo figures as well. Reuters reports that Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima cited plans to increase marketing spending for the Switch as one reason for higher-than-expected costs. In between absolute gems like Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight, the digital storefront for the 3DS and Wii U is absolutely cluttered with a wide variety of shovelware.

Over the last 12 months, Nintendo has boosted its net profit by five times, earning around $4.4 billion in revenue. This title elicited a fantastic response from consumers worldwide.

Despite its age the 3DS actually saw console sales increase by 7% on a year ago to 7.27 million units, thanks to the success of Pokémon. Contrast with the current fiscal year's operating profit of 29.4 billion yen.

Mr. Kimishima said Nintendo would be spending more this year on promotion to sell the Switch, putting a drag on operating profit. That's followed by Arms (a quirky boxing game) on June 16, and Splatoon 2 (a shooter, only with paint) on July 21.