Corey Davis Can Help the Titans' Offense Take the Next Step

Posted May 03, 2017

The metrics guru Jim Cobern believes that Levin has starter to Pro Bowl potential at guard, and I expect him to get a real chance to play there this season.

The Titans had two spots in the first round - Nos.

Throughout the "draft season" I felt like the Titans needed to land an elite playmaker on defense.

USC CB @AdoreeKnows: Teams have talked to me about playing on both sides of the ball.

Western Michigan opened the season with two Big Ten wins in nonconference play, then started the season 13-0, winning the MAC championship game against Ohio. Carraway could be a steal and an important player on special teams. "When you look at this kid, he has the ability (to be an National Football League star receiver)". As the calls and text messages continue to come, we look at those, because we have a value for every pick to see if it makes sense for us. "(He was) pretty much congratulating me and welcoming me into the family".

Smith has been compared in style to the Titans' own Delanie Walker, having a similar build and decent speed, having run in the 4.5s.

Corey Davis has not had an easy road to get where he is today.

Jackson, who entered the draft after his junior season, not only was a 3-year starter at cornerback for USC but he was a risky returner and saw action on offense as a wide receiver. Could they do so with the Tennessee Titans? And with no quarterback expected to go first overall to the Browns, the thinking is that the first team to sweet-talk the Titans into trading out of the No. 5 pick will grab their quarterback of the future.

Check out more on each of the Titans picks below, and be sure to follow NewsChannel 5's Jon Burton on Facebook and Twitter for the latest sports news. "I've got to prove these guys right and just do whatever they need me to do".

Why did the Titans pick Jackson? No one thought tight end OJ Howard would still be there at that point, but Tennessee likely didn't want to go with two offensive players in the first round, which I applaud.

"Even like the smaller challenges like making the first cut and things like that, I'm ready for that". Missing on a player that could have an Eric Berry like impact on a team is a big loss.

The 2017 NFL Draft is on the horizon, only one day from the drama beginning to unfold where, starting at No. 2 overall, no one really has any idea how the proceedings will unfold.

Randy Moss went 21st overall to the Vikings in 1998, the only other receiver from the conference selected in the first round.