The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild First Expansion Detailed

Posted May 03, 2017

New Equipment: Eight new pieces of equipment inspired by previous characters and games in the series will be added to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild after downloading the first DLC pack.

The Master Trails and the now untitled DLC are available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U for $20 United States dollars.

DLC Pack 2, which you'll get by default through buying the Expansion Pass, promises to add a new dungeon, an original story, and some new challenges.

To keep the fans active while they work on the next big expansion for Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has released new details about what Pack 1 will be offering. You must complete this trial in order to unlock "the true power of the Master Sword". Hard Mode returns. This mode will feature stronger and more aware enemies that can gradually regenerate their health and appear at higher ranks.

When all enemies are defeated, Link moves to the next room. It will include the "Trial of the Sword," Hard Mode, various in-game tools, and extra equipment. So those on the hunt for shrines and other items can get a better idea of spots they've missed. The player can transport to that point at any time. However, players are only allowed to register one travel point at a time. This mask will vibrate when one of the 900 sneaky creatures are nearby. When equipped, the mask shakes whenever Link approaches a Korok. Once it is out, you will have to search for the newly added items in the game's world since their location still remains a surprise for now.

Hard Mode: This is Breath of the Wild's equivalent of the Master Quest. Worse is that Link starts without any equipment or weapons.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild First Expansion Detailed

That said, if all you want to do is dress Link up in a bunch of cool outfits and take down a ton of unforgiving enemies, The Master Trials should deliver.

Breath Of The Wild includes new gameplay features, challenges, and a slew of rewards for players to discover while on their journey to defeat evil. Trial of the Sword will also introduce a new Hero Path mode in which gamers can see where they've been, where they've spent the most time, and perhaps places that need more exploration. By successfully reaching these planks, players can battle enemies and collect treasure.

Hard Mode: Fans looking for a new challenge are in for a treat with the new Hard Mode.

First, and coolest of all, is a smart map which will track where you've been over the last 200 hours. Using it sets the player's current location as a fast travel point.

Travel Medallion: Players can find a new treasure chest with a Travel Medallion.

Even prior to the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in early March around the world, Nintendo announced what is known as an Expansion Pass for the game, essentially a season pass.