Colorado Bagel Chain Blesses World With Caffeinated Bagel, The Espresso Buzz

Posted May 06, 2017

The bagel has 13 grams of protein and the caffeine is naturally sourced from both espresso and coffee-cherry flour.

The bagel is the brainchild of Kerry Coyne, senior vice president and head of marketing and research and development at Einstein Bros. Each bagel promises 32 milligrams of caffeine - which is only about a third of what you would find in the average 8 ounce cup of coffee, but is better than no caffeine.

On the first count, at least, the consensus among FEMAIL taste-testers seems to be "yes".

The company boasts its new gourmet bagel is an excellent source of iron plus a good source of magnesium.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the mere idea of the Espresso Buzz has elicited strong reactions. According to the Fox News article, one customer referred to is as "insanely bitter" while another said "I love coffee and I love this".

Those who've tried the bagel, however, seem to have mixed emotions.

For sleep-deprived humans, drinking coffee has always been the preferred morning perk up method but now there's an onslaught of caffeinated items promising to add more pep to your step.

We will take a dozen. Bagels, told to Fox News about the craft-coffee craze amongst young people (you and me) that inspired the caffeinated bagel. It made its big debut on Thursday as part of the company's new "Boosted Bagel" flavor release.