National Day Of Prayer To Be Observed

Posted May 06, 2017

In the spirit of unity, one person prayed, "Help us come together as brothers and sisters in Christ".

A brochure from the national organization lists topics to be prayed for today including: the USA government, the military, the media, business, education, churches and communities. It was in 1952 that a joint resolution of Congress was signed by President Harry Truman to create this day.

Drizzling rain drove a crowd of about 20 people attending the annual National Day of Prayer into the Geneva Community Center Thursday.

On National Day of Prayer, people gathered around the country, some in churches and some, like in Williston, outdoors, all with the same goal - prayer.

"God blessed this nation from the beginning", said Roger Rollins, a member of the event's planning committee.

"We really have a nice base of people who continue to come out each year and pray for our city and pray and for our nation", Baugher said.

This year, Truett Holt will lead the prayer.

From time to time we argue and fret over laws and rulings that have outlawed prayer in certain places (particularly our schools). They also prayed for first responders and soldiers overseas.

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held each year on the first Thursday of May. Doors open at 6:30 a.m. and breakfast service begins at 6:45 a.m. People prayed for national, state and local government, armed forces and law enforcement, community and families and churches and Christian organizations.

"I know what prayer can do", said Clarke. "Forgive us when we are selfish and hoard our blessings, and turn our back to those in need", Vogt wrote. "So, I get up every morning and title the first part of my day to the Lord and I believe he blesses the rest".

Pastor Jonathan Barker of Grace Lutheran Church, 2006 60th St., prayed for military and civil servants.

Lawton has observed the National Day of Prayer for almost 10 years.

Dozens of people from multiple denominations gathered beneath the awning at Jones Park, united under one vision to support the power of prayer and the role it plays in the community.

Some said their prayers were more personal.

A National Day of Prayer event is also being held at Central Christian Church in Wichita.