The Mario X Rabbids RPG has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Posted May 06, 2017

Nintendo brought their Miis to the next level by integrating their own in-game social networking service which allowed players to communicate with other players in-game. So I had few expectations going in - some enjoyable kart racing, a new Battle mode, done. The Mario RPG games are known for its odd sense of humor and nonsensical take on classic RPG adventures. Since day one, Nintendo's newest console has been flying off store shelves and the demand was so great, Nintendo was forced to ship them via planes in spite of the expensive airfreight shipping.

Regardless, here's the method that some Mario Kart 8 Deluxe players have been using to play with their friends (via Reddit). The gliders don't make that much of a difference here, so choose one that works for you - the Parafoil is always a good standby. Even the remake of the boring Donut Plains has been given something to make it sparkle.

If they could make Super Smash Racing.

Mario Kart 8 is due out next month for the Wii U, and Nintendo has revealed a bunch of new.

Laura Kate Dale, who gained a lot of respect for nailing some specifics on the Switch before it launched, was the first to report on the rumor of the existence of this Mario and Rabbids crossover last November. And it played as wonderfully as it looked, inheriting a host of additions from recent installments, like the timing-based air stunts, that add a pleasant busyness and speed even to those moments where you're just mindlessly cruising in first place.

For most people, the big one is the updated Battle Mode. The Battle Modes are excellent, by the way. Most importantly, if a TV was unavailable, the player could turn on the Wii U and play it via the Gamepad.

So enjoy it while you can, I guess.

Equally as impressive is that Nintendo Switch games sales are up to 5.46 million. Untethering it from the clunky GamePad was the best thing Nintendo could have done, and it shows. It isn't technically an accessibility feature, but it seems that it helped anyway. It's not the only change-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe also includes new modes, extra characters, and all of the first game's downloadable content-but it's one of the best reasons to upgrade to the new release.