Only PM Narendra Modi can resolve Kashmir issue: Mehbooba Mufti

Posted May 07, 2017

Mufti came out in strong support of Prime Minister Modi saying he alone could help the people of the state in these troubling circumstances. "He has a strong mandate; whatever decision he takes, the country will support him".

On Saturday, Mehbooba Mufti also praised Narendra Modi for his last year's surprise visit to Lahore during Christmas.

Last month, Mufti met PM Modi at his residence in New Delhi and briefed him about the security situation in the Valley.

Other reports suggested that Mehbooba had pleaded to talk to all stakeholders, including pro-freedom group, which was denied by the centre, terming that it will indicate weakness. However, BJP has skipped talking with to Pakistan or to Kashmir separatists. Aur yehi wajah hai ki woh ek gantey ke andar Pakistan chaley gaye, wahan ke prime minister se mile.

"The previous prime minister also wanted to visit Pakistan, but could not". She said the city has a good treasure of forts and monuments which have the potential of attracting heritage lovers to the city and added her Government is working towards that.

She said, "He (former PM Manmohan Singh) had repeatedly said he wants to visit his ancestral home in Lahore".

"The chief minister said militancy declined during that period and there was peace on the borders.

Prime Minister Modi went to Lahore which is a sign of power he enjoys and an example of his moral authority", she said after inaugurating a newly constructed 1.5 km flyover in winter capital Jammu.

He also informed the prime minister about various developmental works being done in Jammu and Kashmir, they said. She said that there was pent-up lava. "But unfortunately my father was out of the government and Vajpayeeji left, and the process came to grinding halt", she said.

Mehbooba said that her government is trying to maintain peace in the valley but there are some anti elements who hinder the path.

Reacting to statement of Charak on the lack of development in Jammu, the chief minister said that a tense situation in Kashmir affected Jammu as well.

To a question, the BJP leader said that the National Democratic Alliance government is more success full than the United Progressive Alliance government in tackling the activities of Maoists.