Aric Almirola attends charity event days after horrific crash at Kansas

Posted May 20, 2017

Richard Petty Motorsports, who sponsors Almirola, has put Regan Smith in the No. 43 vehicle for this weekend's all-star race this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Almirola was injured in a wreck with Joey Logano and Danica Patrick at Kansas Speedway last weekend.

Aric Almirola needed to be cut from his Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series vehicle and carried out on a stretcher following his involvement in a violent three-car crash on Lap 200 of the Go Bowling 400 on. He said he saw the fire on Danica Patrick's auto and when he felt an intense burning sensation in his back, coupled with pain, he thought his vehicle also was burning.

Almirola sustained the injuries during the NASCAR Go Bowling 400 when he collided with Joey Logano's wrecked vehicle. "Whenever the doctors clear me, I'll be ready to get back in a race auto".

"Getting back in a race auto two weeks too soon is just gonna add two more starts to my start column and the stat book, but if I were to get in another similar accident and not be properly healed, you're talking about potentially being paralyzed from the belly button down, so I'm not gonna risk that", said Almirola. "I've got a lovely family and I want to be able to run around outside and throw the baseball with Alex and I want to go to father-daughter dances with Abby and I'm not going to do anything to jeopardize that". Looking back on the crash, he feels there is nothing he could have done differently. It was the most helpless feeling because I saw the wreck.

"First off, I want to thank the track safety and medical team, all of the doctors and nurses at The University of Kansas Hospital for taking good care of me", said Almirola.

"And when I went up in the air and came back down it felt like someone took that knife and just twisted it in my back". "But right now we're thrilled that Regan's going to be in the vehicle for this weekend". I knew it was coming.

Heisel said the vertebra was "crunched" and they needed to get some of the blood out of the bone. "For all relative circumstances, I guess things worked out the best they could". Not just any Cup vehicle, I get to be in the No. 43 Petty Cup auto.

Almirola is scheduled to be out of the auto for eight to 12 weeks.

How long will Almirola be out of the vehicle? "I felt like somebody stuck a knife in my back".

Almirola was at Charlotte Motor Speedway Friday, where teams are preparing for Saturday night's Monster Energy All-Star Race.

"We're still working through that with our partners", Moffitt said, "so as soon as we know for the future, we'll be letting you guys know that".