Dallas lawyer Rachel Lindsay is America's first black 'Bachelorette'

Posted May 28, 2017

Of the 13 seasons of the show, the median age of the Bachelorette has been 27 years old.

Brady crushed a block of ice with a sledgehammer before even introducing himself to the Bachelorette.

Rachel admits that she's had a hard time taking off her lawyer hat and putting on "the love one" - perhaps she should start by not calling it "the love one" - but she's learned from her experience on Nick's season of The Bachelor, and this time around, she's not going to hold her feelings back.

Rachel and Lucas on "The Bachelorette". Making the promotional rounds before her season debut, the attorney from Dallas has told interviewers she felt a sense of responsibility. She struck a chord with everybody. "You're going to be awful about keeping this secret, just tell them you're engaged.'" But no, there will be no other spoilers. "I like Adam", she said after he walked away, "not Adam Jr". That's right, rumors are flying that Rachel Lindsay has officially chosen her future husband, and that fans will watch her get engaged at the end of the season.

For now though, viewers will just have to tune in to ABC see who Rachel will end up picking as her victor during the season 13 finale. "I will.' But he also said, 'You better come back'". Whitney told her another woman from last season knows DeMario and that he might not have the purest intentions.

Blake: "You're really here to try and find love with Rachel?". But Rachel apparently was as excited as the show's producers were when they prematurely announced she was the first Black Bachelorette. "I want to thank you for being here and I want you to remember that". "Look at me, like, I can't stop smiling", she said.

Jamey, 32, sales guy: He just wants to gush about her dress. Nah.

Prosecuting attorney Josiah definitely knows how to speak Lindsay's language! The reality show star did whatever it took to win Ben Flajnik's heart including insulting her castmates and breaking rules. What's the reason behind that controversial decision?

After seeing their instant chemistry, we weren't surprised at all that she chose to give him the coveted first impression rose. and at this point, we're totally expecting him to make it far in this competition. TV, "but we will see if he is really ready to take that big step in his life".

After so many seasons of this franchise, what still surprises you about it? . "I wouldn't feel satisfied unless I knew my partner was", he says. "For me to agree to do this, I had to get over that". Bachelor Nation is going to scrutinize every single contestant during the premiere tonight hoping to make the right guess.

Meanwhile, the other guys were bugged by Lucas, who appeared to get tipsy and more obnoxious in yelling "Whaboom!" a situation nobody understood.