Schapelle Corby lands in Australia

Posted May 28, 2017

Australian Schapelle Corby will today finally return home from Bali 12 years after she was convicted of drug trafficking, in a long-awaited return that has triggered a media frenzy.

Schapelle Corby has arrived back in Australia, but she is yet to be sighted with her security team taking media on a wild goose chase.

They then entered a black vehicle waiting outside which was surrounded by police and the media as it drove out the narrow ally that leads to the residence.

Ms Corby's short journey to the parole office was accompanied by an armoured auto convoy, guarded by 275 Kuta and Denpasar police officers and tailed by a clamouring press army.

Her steadfast proclamations of innocence and well-documented fight with mental illness in prison generated much sympathy in Australia, where she was often depicted as the victim of a conspiracy.

Dr Hartawan said that Corby had refused a full medical check, telling them she was fine and healthy, questioning why a medical was needed.

TV stations and magazines are fighting for the first interview and going to extreme measures in their efforts to get close to her.

Corby's return home comes 12 years after she was sentenced to 20 years in prison, where she served nearly 10 years before being on parole for a further three years.

But sister Mercedes has arrived at their mother's Loganlea house.

SCHAPELLE Corby saw the Gold Coast for the last time on October 8, 2004 when she drove to Brisbane and flew out on her fateful trip to Bali.

"We will pray for her that she will repent, God wants humans to return to the right path", he said.

He said once Corby signs her release she will be handed over to immigration officers who will escort her out of the country.

"We from Kuta police are only securing the area (in Kuta)".

There will be plenty of beaches in Australia, but Ms Bonella believes the thing she will value most is "going home to be with her family and free of restrictions and the threat of being put back in jail".

Schapelle Corby (left) and sister Mercedes hide their faces leaving the parole office.

Local police reportedly marshalled 275 officers from Kuta and Denpasar to help escort Corby to the airport for her deportation.

However police officers who visited Corby's home this morning, to conduct a security check of the area, said a police tactical vehicle was being prepared, as was a parole board auto and no decision had yet been made on which particular vehicle would be used this afternoon.

It comes as officials reveal more than 100 Bali police will be involved in Saturday's deportation of Schapelle Corby. "We'll be trying to get her back into the swing of things so she feels confident". They have remained close: "She is really witty and very amusing". There will be Denpasar police who will be responsible for the security of the process. Some dubbed her a "bogan" - Australian slang that means white trash.

Few people got to know Corby as well as Kathryn Bonella, a former 60 Minutes producer, who spent 10 months visiting Corby in Kerobokan jail while they were co-writing My Story.

How Corby adds to this narrative will be closely watched.