South Korea military suspects object crossing border was North Korean balloon

Posted May 29, 2017

North Korea said on Monday it had successfully tested an intermediate-range ballistic missile to confirm the reliability of the late-stage guidance of the warhead, indicating further advances in the ability to hit United States of America targets.

Members of the council vowed to better implement six rounds of sanctions already imposed against Pyongyang and demanded that the country halt its nuclear program and missile tests.

The North's official Korean Central News Agency reported that the Pukguksong-2 will now be produced and deployed throughout the country. North Korea has so far defied worldwide pressures and conducted two more ballistic missile tests in the past two weeks.

Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said at a U.S. Senate hearing North Korea is working on a nuclear device that can be installed on a ballistic missile.

The U.N. Security Council condemned the launch and again expressed its concern over the North's behavior. The council was due to meet behind closed doors yesterday.

Inspections of ships operated by third-party nations that are transporting trade goods for North Korea could be strengthened, to block the movement of materials that could be diverted into nuclear weapons and missile development.

But the United States has been pushing China to do more. Ju was the only speaker at the forum who did not begin his remarks by offering condolences to Britain for the victims of Monday night's bomb attack at a concert in Manchester.

Unidentified objects which flew across the border from the North were probably propaganda balloons, South Korea's military said Wednesday.

Other sources said the meeting takes place on a quarterly basis, and state officials from "the center" travel to the provinces to deliver lectures on "trends" affecting North Korea's neighbors. "The military has beefed up our anti-air surveillance and maintained readiness posture", South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters.

USA citizens are now on high alert after tensions between President Donald Trump's administration and North Korea continue to escalate, more so as the socialist country is reportedly ramping up its nuclear and missile programs in order to target US mainland.