WWDC 2017: watchOS 4 Brings Updates and New Faces to Apple Watch

Posted June 06, 2017

Apple is also adding a new Siri watch face, that will bring a timeline offering various information that's customized by the user.

Tim Cook was followed by Apple's Kevin Lynch who announced the gen-next OS for Apple Watch devices - the watchOS 4. But this watch face will use Siri and your information preferences to automatically show you information directly on the watch face. First up along the line is the Siri Watch Face. Pixar's Woody, Jessie, and Buzz characters from Toy Story will now be available on Apple Watch faces.

Apple is likely to bring a swathe of new functionalities for fitness and activity tracking, including adding new sports such as skiing and snowboarding to the Activities app.

The Apple Watch will also start to work with NFC-enabled gym equipment to share workout data.

Apple today detailed the changes that are coming to the Apple Watch with watchOS 4. The Music app also starts automatically with a workout and there are several other options that you can control like swiping left during the workout to control your music. Apple is showing this off as a quick-access tool for appointments, Wallet tickets and more.

The Apple Watch's signature Activity ring feature will help you stick to your daily fitness regimen with greater rigor. "Apple Watch paired with AirPods has really become a magical combination", Apple says.

WatchOS 4: What is WatchOS? You'll also receive updates on your activity tracking and the rest, without having to go into the app.

The Workout app has been redesigned as well with easier navigation and a minimalistic landing page. The new watchOS 4 will be available for developers in preview form starting Monday while the upgrade will be coming to everyone this fall. If you're a fan of high-intensity interval workouts, you'll get custom heart rate algorithms.

Apple also announced a couple of fun watch faces, including a "Kaleidoscope" face that focuses more on pretty graphics rather than information. WatchOS 4 will also support native core Bluetooth.

The biggest update to the Apple Watch health and fitness suite was an integration between the watch and fitness equipment at the gym.

We will nearly certainly see Apple's latest software iteration at this year's WWDC on 5 June.

If you use your watch to listen to music, you're going to love watchOS 4.