Federal Grand Jury Indicts Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner

Posted June 09, 2017

Solari alleged that in recorded phone calls to her sister from the detention center, victor planned how to defend herself.

She posted on Facebook three months ago that climate change is a more important issue than health care "since not poisoning an entire population seems to be more in line with "health" care, and not the disease care system that people voted for a soulless ginger orangutan to 'fix'".

Victor is accused of "removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet".

She's being held at a county jail in Georgia until her detention hearing Thursday afternoon.

Winner's attorney, Titus Nichols, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday. She was denied bail, according to HuffPost. Reporters gathered Tuesday outside Winner's small, red-brick home in a neighborhood dotted with overgrown yards and houses in disrepair.

Neither prosecutors nor Winner's parents have identified the government agency where she worked at the time of her arrest.

"She's a patriot. She served her nation with distinguished honor", Gary said, CBS reports. "She believes in always doing what's right". "Acts of non-elite sources communicating knowledge should be strongly encouraged".

"I know my daughter".

She said that despite the allegations against her daughter, she remains "a proud mom ..." She took the job after serving for six years in the Air Force where she obtained top secret clearance while working as a linguist, specializing in languages of the Middle East. Her mother and step-father have repeatedly pleaded for everyone to treat Reality Winner "fairly". Victor remained locked up Tuesda.

The hacker group Wikileaks announced that they are offering a $10,000 reward for information that would lead to the firing of the reporter for the website Intercept who used stolen NSA documents in a story about Russian military intelligence hacking the United States election.

Winner, a 25-year-old national government contractor based out of Augusta, Ga., was charged Monday with sending a classified report about Russia's interference in the 2016 election to a reporter at The Intercept.

"We have the burden of showing that my client is not a risk of committing new offenses, that she's not a risk of fleeing", Nichols said, alluding to his intention to have her released before the trial begins.

On social media, victor mostly shared glimpses into her life far removed from politics - such as watching Dr.

Julian Assange - founder of WikiLeaks - released a statement calling for public support for victor, saying she is a young woman "accused of courage in trying to help us know".

"I think she's trying to be courageous for me".

But Winner's Facebook page does mention reaching out to Sen.

Prosecutors said a phone call to her sister expressed Winner's confidence in how to play the court during her bond hearing.

Prosecutors argued victor had used a thumb drive to download classified documents while she was in the Air Force, CBS News' David Begnaud reports.

The mother and stepfather of 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, the NSA contractor accused of leaking government secrets, are speaking out about t... He says one of the main reasons the documents were considered classified was because it's still under investigation.

WikiLeaks tweeted late Monday night it would pay a $10,000 bounty "for information leading to the public exposure & termination of [the] "reporter" who asked an government agency to verify a leaked report without removing possibly incriminating evidence about its leaker.

"As we reported in the story, the NSA document was provided to us anonymously".