Ice Cube Halfway Checks Bill Maher For Using N-Word

Posted June 10, 2017

According to, Maher sat down with Dyson, a longtime friend, a few minutes later and said: "I want you to school me".

A week after he came under fire for using a racial slur on the air during his HBO talk show, Real Time, Bill Maher apologized and reflected on the comment. Maher scowled after Ice Cube told him he sometimes "sounds like a redneck trucker", but to his credit, the Real Time host then gave the N.W.A. member the floor to lay out his thoughts.

Dyson then set the context for Maher's words, explaining that "black people said, it's not as if black people in the house were any better off than the people in the field, both of them were subject to slave, dominance, hegemony, hatred and the like, as a result of that, people think that's insensitive". And indeed he did, carefully detailing the risky context and timing of Maher's comment, to which Maher made sure to "reiterate" his "sincere" apology. We are a trained thing that tries to get a laugh. "I just wish others will stop using that lame ass mom "N Word" as a sub".

"Now, the guy who was here [Sasse], it's not his's all on me. That's why I apologise freely and I reiterate it tonight". When Maher told Cube, "I think the people who are watching right now are saying: that point has been made", the rapper clapped back, saying, "Not by me". "The word was offensive and I regret saying it and I'm very sorry".

Check out the exchange between Maher and Ice Cube above.

"I love your show, you've got a great show", he said.

Maher said that his use of the word "cost me a little bit of political capital".

"No, I don't. That I gotta push back on", replied Maher, appearing a little annoyed and defensive.

While later in the show, guest and activist Symone Sanders said that it was like a 'slap in the face to black America'.

"For black folks, that word, I don't care who you are, has caused pain".

Ice Cube explained the caustic nature of the N-word, saying, "It's like a knife, man".

Rapper and actor Ice Cube didn't let the host off as easily, jokingly telling him, "I knew you were gonna f-- up sooner or later". You can use it as a weapon, or you can use it as a tool. "People make mistakes and we're all sinners".