E3 2017: EA Details Battlefront II's First Free DLC Drop

Posted June 11, 2017

Ostensibly in response to a highly-publicized tweet by Star Wars actor John Boyega, Battlefront II features a fully-realized single-player story mode while continuing to beef up its multiplayer main course.

A new class system is one of the biggest changes in the game, but players will also be able to earn Battle Points throughout each match that they can then spend on acquiring new heroes and playable characters, such as droids and vehicles. The EA Play E3 conference kicked it all off earlier today, delivering all the games we expected as well as a couple of nice surprises. It will feature a story mode wedged between the end of the second movie trilogy and the beginning of the third, and it features content from all three eras of the Star Wars universe. Even if you're not a fan of the prequels, it's hard to argue that the inclusion of Maul and the possibility of well-known Clone Troopers isn't exciting.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was unveiled at Star Wars Celebration in April and is set to launch on November 17.

EA Access is going free for a week to celebrate EA Play 2017.

Fans will have the chance to get hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer for the first time at EA PLAY 2017. The microtransaction model has worked for other games, like Overwatch and the undying Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

EA is promising three times the content, including the return of the couch co-op mode with Skirmish.

After following a heavily edited trailer of clips from various EA IPs, the conference is underway with men in New England Patriots jerseys playing drums, one of them sporting the Madden 18 logo. From what we know, Microsoft has marking rights, however, they might just be announcing the game.

The World War I-themed shooter will be enjoying a new expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, with maps focused on the Russian front. After a slew of pricey DLC in the original, EA has also revealed that players will no longer have to buy season passes, and will regular receive free content in Battlefront 2. Will it be enough to bring in new players?