Hundred million dollar Mayweather - McGregor boxing 'circus'

Posted June 17, 2017

I don't worry for Conor's ability.

"To be honest, I was like I don't even know who. that is", Mayweather said in March about what he thought when McGregor started calling him out. "Maybe. But to do this all at once is very, very hard". "This will be a good fight because it's the first time that an MMA fighter and boxer will fight", said Rosauro. Fans betting on McGregor, meanwhile, could see value in the long shot with a payout in the 7-1 range.

Say what you want about the man they call "Money", but he is a master of his craft.

A 12-round decision could be hard.

However, when asked by TSN whether White believed the upcoming fight in Las Vegas would do over and or under 4.99 million buys, he didn't hesitate. "Of course this is a WBC board decision but we have to celebrate that boxing is having world attention regardless". Additionally, there will be some "guest commentators" who will provide mixed martial arts analysis.

The fight was approved for the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, but UFC President Dana White said differently, stating it'll be held at T-Mobile Arena. "You might think more moves ahead, but there's a lot less to consider". There's so many more variables.

Mayweather brushed off the early talk, saying the rising star was mainly mentioning him to generate publicity for his UFC fights.

"If you're running a marathon, then the marathon runner is going to win against a sprinter 99.9% of the time", says Hurst. It was later reported that WWE made Conor McGregor a hefty offer, but things just didn't work out. "[Mayweather] been hit by guys that can punch and he doesn't go down". Mayweather's ideal 49-0 career should remain flawless, and the fight itself won't be pretty. None have managed to knock him down.

The fight is expected to gross millions of dollars with Mayweather a solid favourite.

One of the keys to reaching those kind of numbers will be to convince people that McGregor really does have a chance in the squared circle against one of the greatest boxers of all-time, and White is already doing his part to build that hype. He will have to show a level of conditioning and stamina that has never been required in an octagon, and he will have to strategize when to expend and when to conserve energy. Indeed, he would likely be heavily favored over Mayweather had the two chose to do the fight under UFC rules. He has shown that he can be a champion in two different weight classes, but now he is switching sports - which will be hard.