Final Fantasy 15 Update Adds Off-Roading, Prepares for Prompto

Posted June 27, 2017

The update for the auto is available at Hammerhead and you have got to talk to Cindy to customize the Regalia.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto comes out tomorrow and Square Enix have released a new update on the PS4 which totals to around 8.65GB.

The Final Fantasy 15 1.12 update is now live, and if you felt that off-roading was sorely missing from the game, you will be happy to know it is now a feature.

The Type-D customization effectively converts the party's vehicle into a monster truck. Additionally, the new update makes music from the upcoming Episode Prompto available to listen to on the auto radio.

Next, load up a save file, and head to Cindy at Hammerhead, and speak to her, who will be excited to tell you about a new off-road upgrade.

A trailer appears after the story expansion is finished, which not only reveals a December 2017 release date, but also shows a scene from when Ignis was separated from the rest of the party.

Off-roading in Final Fantasy XV looks fun.