GOP Senator to CNN Anchor: 'Kellyanne Conway Is Not the GOP'

Posted June 27, 2017

"Obamacare expanded the pool of Medicaid recipients beyond its original intentions".

During an interview on Sunday with ABC's "This Week" anchor George Stephanopoulos, Conway commented that "if you're now in Medicaid, if you became a Medicaid recipient through the Obamacare expansion, you're grandfathered in".

Apparently nobody has told Conway that the majority of able-bodied adults on Medicaid already have jobs.

"We are not talking about the elderly, the children, the pregnant women, the disabled", said Conway.

She argued that for Medicaid to say sustainable in the long term, 'This has to happen'. However, according to Conway, the health care bill isn't actually making cuts to Medicaid; it is, instead, "slowing the rate of growth in the future" and giving individual governors "more flexibility". And while its still unclear exactly how the GOP healthcare bills now in legislation will effect both sick and able-bodied individuals now covered by Obamacare's expanded Medicaid coverage, this clip feels like something we might see aired over and over again for the next few years. I would point out for the few who say that they're now a no, you're talking about 45 or more who are now yeses.

Despite comments being made by the Trump administration, the legislation's proposed Medicaid cuts are the main reason some moderate Republican senators, many of whom represent states that benefit from Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, are hesitant to support the GOP bill. "We're talking about in the future", she said.

"If they are able-bodied and they want to work, then they'll have employer-sponsored benefits like you and I do".

But the draft of the health care bill Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released on Thursday includes steep cuts to Medicaid, aiming to phase out the federal funding implemented under Obamacare for states to expand Medicaid eligibility. "So that tells you something", Conway said. You yesterday on Sunday shows were saying that is not true, no cuts.

"Obamacare took Medicaid - which was created to help the poor, the needy, the elderly, the sick, the disabled; also children and pregnant women - it took it and it way above the poverty line". The people who the expansion helped, she said, would initially be grandfathered in but should consider other options. "How can he deny that millions of Americans have opted out of Obamacare, have preferred to fork over their hard earned money in taxes and penalties rather than be part of this system?"