People's Day in BC: Thursday June 29 '17

Posted June 28, 2017

All across the province you could hear the heads of small-c conservative supporters who are a big part of the BC Liberal Party coalition exploding as they read Clark's throne speech Thursday.

Surrey-White Rock's newest BC Liberal MLA acknowledged Friday that criticism regarding the similarity between her party's throne-speech promises and those put forward by the opposition NDP and Green parties were "things that we were all hearing on the doorstep".

Liberal house leader Mike de Jong said the proposed law, which the Liberals opposed in last month's election campaign, could have passed in the coming days.

The NDP and Green Party agreed to vote against the Liberals in a confidence motion after none of the parties won a majority of seats in the May election.

"In my view, it's not appropriate for us to be debating government business until such time as the confidence has been tested", he said.

In Thursday's throne speech, the Liberals promised to not only ban corporate and union donations, but also impose a limit for individuals, ban foreign donations and donations from other provincial or federal parties, ban loans from anyone other than a bank or credit union, and apply the reforms to municipal elections as well. "This government has been told repeatedly by the Opposition it's something that can be done in a day, and they are willing to do it in a day, so OK, let's test that proposition".

On his way into the House, Green Leader Andrew Weaver explained why his party would vote the bills down, sight unseen.

In just one day, outgoing Premier Christy Clark has single-handedly destroyed the BC Liberal Party brand that took 16 years in office to build.

"The premier quotes tradition but doesn't follow it", Weaver said.

The NDP and Greens have pledged to unite and use their 44 votes to defeat the Liberal government's 43 votes, forcing it to resign so that NDP Leader John Horgan can become premier. "The confidence vote will take place on Thursday".

"The B.C. Liberals may think they have a divine right to rule in British Columbia but the people of British Columbia feel decidedly different about that", he said.

"I'm still trying to deal with the magnitude of the shifts", Falcon said Friday.

The letter also questions how the legislature would function under an NDP government because the Speaker does not sit in certain debates - called committee of the whole or committee of cupply - potentially resulting in a tie or even giving a Liberal Opposition the edge in votes. "I think we should follow those rules". "The road to stability and the road to being able to make sure that government, working together in this legislature, can get on with the business in this house, is to support the throne speech and ensure we can keep the business of government going on". This is an effort by this government to hold on to power for as long as they possibly can.