Transformers not so big

Posted June 28, 2017

Director Michael Bay's reportedly-last Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, opened to a franchise low $69.1 million domestically its first five days at 4,069 theaters ($45.3 for the three-day weekend).

So it goes with The Last Knight, yet another preposterous entry into a series that has long since given up on common sense and plot, and instead just papers over the cracks with CGI Transformer smackdowns that leave you number than Amanda Holden's forehead. Directed by Brian Fee, Cars 3 made $25.2 million from 4,256 theaters for a new North American total of $99.9 million. Now that's what I intend to find out next weekend and then sit down to write 5 Ups and 5 Downs of the movie thereafter. That was enough to bump "The Mummy" off the top-five, a film that only brought-in $5.8M this weekend.

Warner Bros' superhit Wonder Woman fell by 35 per cent to $2.1 million in its fourth weekend on 274, propelling its total to $23.6 million.

Like all but one of its predecessors, "The Last Knight" actually opened at mid-week. It'll be interesting to see the order of finish next weekend as the critically acclaimed action drama Baby Driver arrives on June 28th followed by Despicable Me 3 and The House on June 30th. In its third week of release, the film booked almost $25.2 million in domestic ticket sales. The Tupac biopic, which did not generate the best reception upon its release, tumbled 77.9 percent in its second weekend and brought in $5.8 million. Comping to another recent franchise fifthquel, Last Knight came in 40% above Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, per Par. In North America, the movie has earned $160 million and internationally it has grossed $517.8 million, for a worldwide total of $677.8 million. More than $500 million of the film's grosses came from worldwide theaters. The ensemble film is now sitting at $16.6 million domestically and $24.2 million worldwide. Falling 53% in attendance, the film's ten-day total is just shy of $100 million.

Two big films reported the exact same weekend estimate and tied for second place with finals counted on Monday set to determine the final order. (Man of Steel earned $377 million domestic overall but sat at $271 million at this point in its run.) Cars 3 also took in just under $25.2 million, while new limited releases The Beguiled and The Big Sick impressed, earning high per-screen averages ahead of their wider releases in the coming weeks.

The Marvel sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still the top-grossing summer movie - for now - and collected an estimated $3M, off 41%. The Sofia Coppola-directed film (which is based on the 1971 novel of the same name) opened earned an estimated $240,545 from four locations for a per-screen average of $60,138.