Trump says he 'absolutely' still wants Mexico to pay for wall

Posted July 10, 2017

Speaking with reporters before a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto at the G20 Summit in Germany, President Trump said that he "absolutely" still wants Mexico to pay for the border wall.

The two leaders held a bilateral meeting at the G20 summit and shook hands afterward in front of a swarm of reporters.

Trump offered no details about what issues he and the Russian leader had discussed, describing them only as "various things".

Peña Nieto then thanked Trump "for this space of opportunity", reported Reforma newspaper.

The us president has hammered on several occasions that he would build a wall along the 3142 kilometres away from the border that separates the United States from Mexico, to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking.

The last time Trump and Pea Nieto met in person was August of past year, when Trump stopped in Mexico City during his presidential campaign.

The Trump administration formally told Congress in May that it intends to renegotiate NAFTA with Canada and Mexico.

Trump's apparent inability to talk to Pena Nieto without offending Mexico, and the Mexican president's apparent unwillingness to push back, have infuriated many Mexicans.

The two presidents spoke behind closed doors for about 30 minutes after delivering statements to the press.

"That subject was not part of the conversation", he said.

Last month Trump suggested covering the wall with solar panels and to use the energy to cover some of the construction costs.

"Trump broke the deal they had of not talking about the wall in public", professor Carlos Bravo Regidor of the Center for Teaching and Research in Economics in Mexico City told The Guardian. "He didn't. Trump is a bully, but Pena Nieto is a coward". He also said that Nieto "did not hear" Trump's remark that Mexico should still "absolutely" pay for the wall.

He said of Trump's comments: "I didn't hear it. Pena also didn't hear it".